Practically speaking, I was born into the Killian Hill family. My parents moved to Atlanta around the time my oldest sister was born, and when they found Killian Hill, they were sure that they had found the church and school in which they wanted to rear their family. Even though I am a few years removed from high school (I am a junior at Bob Jones University), I will always consider Killian Hill home, and I will forever be grateful for the impact that the school has had on my life. Specifically, I am most thankful for the excellent teachers and the solid, well-rounded education that I received.

Kristina GorslineBecause I grew up in church at Killian Hill and am the youngest of my sisters, I knew most of my teachers before being in the classroom with them, and I had very high expectations for each of them. Once I finally was privileged to experience each teacher, my expectations were far exceeded. I was overwhelmed by the fact that each one genuinely wanted the best for me, both academically and spiritually.

During my time at Killian Hill, my teachers became role models for me. I will always remember times when Mr. Totten would share his heart with the class, or Mrs. Fulbright would tell me she was praying for me, or Mr. Hilliard would give me a “testa-mint” and tell me he was proud of me. I often think of chapel messages and classes given by Mr. Sherman, and Mr. Allan’s constant reminder that all science points to our creative God. I remember my teachers humbly washing the feet of everyone in my class at senior camp and thinking that they were excellent reflections of Christ. Even after graduating, they have proved to be some of my biggest supporters. When I come home from college and go to church, I’m welcomed by many of my past teachers with warm hugs and sincere wishes for my well-being.

Because of my love for both music and math, Mrs. Evens and Mrs. Martin were especially significant to me. They both took a special interest in me, helped me realize my full potential, and reminded me that bringing glory to God should always be the main focus in any endeavor. They were constant reminders to me of God’s love and grace. As I look forward to possible careers involving both math and music, I look to them as my examples with the hope that I will be half as effective in my field as they have been in theirs.

Not only are the teachers incredible role models, but they also provide an outstanding, well-rounded education. Killian Hill is a school that realizes the potential in every student and actualizes that potential. As a student, I was challenged academically, and I was given many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. In this unique setting, I was able to grow extensively, as maturity and diligence were always expected of me.

While I was in high school, I tended to wonder why I was pushed so hard and why I was required to take certain classes. But once I got to college, the answer became fairly obvious as I was more prepared for college-level classes than many of my peers. I don’t say that because of any superior intelligence on my behalf, but rather because of the fact that Killian Hill required a wide variety of classes and taught me proper study habits. Often, my teachers and fellow students ask me where I went to high school, and when they hear that I graduated from Killian Hill, they typically recognize the name of the school and affirm that all of the students they have taught or known from Killian Hill have never failed to impress.

Killian Hill has played such an integral part in making me the person that I am today, and I could go on much longer boasting about every wonderful aspect of the school. But I do not need to do that because the bottom line, which cannot be denied, is that Killian Hill is an incredible place. The school fosters an environment of growth and grace, the faculty members consistently point the students to Christ, the academics prepare the students for college, and the values instilled in the students equip them for the future that God has planned for them. What more could anyone ask for in a school?.

– Kristina Gorsline

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