One of the biggest opportunities you have to help your school is through a program offered to Killian Hill by Georgia GOAL. This state program allows you as a parent to redirect a portion of your required state tax dollars to your school.

GOAL is now accepting 2018 tax credit applications. We ask that you continue to make this program count for our school. Your loyal and important participation will ensure that we can focus on maximizing this source of financial aid to provide families with life-changing opportunities.

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What This Provides You:

  1. A voice in where your hard–earned money is spent.
  2. The ability to strengthen your school with income to provide scholarships that help to maintain enrollment opportunities and provide less financial impact to the school.
  3. An opportunity to impact another family and student academically and spiritually for life.

Gratitude Reflections:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy God’s grace through your funding of the GOAL scholarship for Killian Hill. Our family’s convictions make it a necessity that our children be educated with a Christian worldview, but our current finances make it impossible through our own efforts. Getting the quality, loving, godly education that my two children receive at KHCS is only possible because God has blessed our family through the work of so many, some of whom we have never even met.

How Does It Work?

The Georgia Education Expense Credit provides individuals and corporate taxpayers with the opportunity to contribute to qualified student scholarship organizations (SSOs) and receive a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR TAX CREDIT against their Georgia income tax liabilities. The amounts contributed are used by the SSOs to provide scholarships to qualified students who may desire to attend schools like Killian Hill Christian School. Individuals who file as a single individual or head of household will receive a dollar-for-dollar contribution credit up to $1,000.00 designated. Married couples filing a joint return will receive a contribution credit up to $2,500.00 designated. For S and LLC businesses, each owner in the business will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit up to $10,000.00 designated. “C” Corporations who contribute to qualified SSOs are eligible for a credit against their Georgia income tax liability in an amount not to exceed the actual amount paid or 75 percent of the corporation’s income tax liability, whichever is less.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to get tax credit for helping kids! NEW! Online paperless process at Goal Paperless Process. The GOAL paperless process takes you through these steps:

  • Preapply online before December 31, 2017.
  • On January 1, 2018, GOAL will confirm whether you still want to participate. After this confirmation is made, your application will be processed with the Department of Revenue. The DOR will approve your application and mail it back to you. From the approval date, you have 60 days to make your contribution (approximately the end of March 2016)
  • Attach your contribution check, made payable to GA GOAL Scholarship Program with Killian Hill Christian School in the memo line, and return your approved form and check to GA GOAL OR pay by credit card or bank draft online through the paperless process.