One of the greatest gifts given me to date is parenting. It’s the charge by God to love, worship, and obey Him and to teach my children to do the same. At times, this task seems a bit daunting, amidst a culture that challenges my family at every juncture to reject, dishonor, and defy all that God has commanded us to do.

Jackson Family PictureEarly in our journey as parents, my wife and I realized we needed to partner with likeminded educators who shared our vision for academics and who purposed to provide a healthy, nurturing, and well-balanced environment that was consistent with the values we taught in our home. This passion fueled our desire for education in a Christ-centered environment.

Our journey with parochial schools began years before our initial steps onto the campus of KHCS. Although many of our experiences were pleasant, academic excellence and spiritual integrity were not consistently modeled in our former educational settings. Therefore, we sensed a need to transition.

Two years ago, our family toured KHCS as we were thoroughly pleased with each interaction. Our meetings with the leadership were professional and on point as they articulated the vision and goals of the school. We sensed the teachers were competent in their respective subjects, respectful to the parents, and caring and nurturing toward the students. Also, the students were well behaved and respectful in the classrooms. The campus and grounds were well maintained, and the classrooms appeared comfortable and conducive to learning.

Many parents with students who graduate from KHCS commented that their students excelled in college due to their education at Killian Hill. This speaks to the level at which students are challenged and encouraged to excel.

In addition to the rigorous academic curriculum, our students were very excited about the extra-curricular clubs and sports offered through KHCS. Throughout their tenure, they’ve participated in debate, orchestra, chess club, middle and varsity basketball, student leadership, cross-country, student government, Christian Honor Society, and Kilometer Kids. An added incentive for participating in clubs and extracurricular sports is the costs are included in the tuition.

KHCS promotes a family culture. Many families have been with the school from kindergarten through 12th grade, and many teachers and administrators have served faithfully for well over twenty years. On occasion, our students are invited to attend birthday gatherings and class outings during the evenings and weekends where families are welcomed to fellowship together.

Now in our second year, KHCS has in many ways exceeded our expectations. It’s an environment I encourage other families to consider.–

– Russell and Belinda Jackson

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