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Pastor’s Chapel and Servant Leadership

Intentional. It’s one of my favorite words. Killian Hill Christian School is an intentional school. We do what we do on purpose. One of the distinctives of Killian Hill is the intentional integration of biblical instruction into the social and academic lives of our students. It’s part of our overall purpose:

“Training scholars. Making disciples. Graduating leaders.”

For the last 3 years, one tool we have used to “make disciples” at Killian Hill is Pastor’s Chapel. In addition to our daily Bible classes and weekly chapels, we’ve added a monthly session where I or Pastor Joe Boulanger speak to the upper school students about how the Bible affects their lives. The theme this year is Servant Leadership. We know that we have exceptional students at Killian Hill. They’re gifted in academics, fine arts, and sports. But we’re urging them to leverage their gifts and their top-shelf education in service to God and others. We don’t want our graduates to be highly-trained narcissists. We want them to be disciples who invest their lives in things that really matter. That includes their careers, but there’s so much more.

Mark 10:45 gives us the ultimate example of selfless service for others. Although Jesus Christ is the Maker of all things, He came not to be served but to serve. His earthly life was spent “doing good” (Acts 10:38). Beyond a life of service, He willingly sacrificed Himself as a ransom for sinners (Mark 10:45b). He died in our place, taking the judgment we deserve, so that we can be forgiven, enjoy a relationship with God, and enjoy eternity with Him in heaven (2 Peter 3:18). Jesus had every right to be served. But He lived–and died–for us.

Through Pastor’s Chapel and other opportunities, Killian Hill Christian School is training our scholars to be disciples, training our disciples to be leaders, and training our leaders to serve. It’s the way of Christ. And, by God’s grace, we want it to be the way of Killian Hill students.

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