The KHCS admissions process has several steps, each one essential to the enrollment program. Our goal for this format is to enable both you and KHCS to objectively evaluate the admissions application. Each step is intentionally designed to help you clearly understand the culture, benefits, values, and requirements intrinsic to the KHCS education. Please be advised that the application is not considered complete until all documents are received and the necessary interviews are conducted.

International Visa Students:

Killian Hill is authorized to issue the I-20 form for international students. All international student applicants must be fluent in English. KH only accepts international students in grades 7–12. You may follow the link below for more information about the international student registration process. Please contact the admissions office for more details concerning international student registration.

I-20 Admissions InformationThank you again for your interest in Killian Hill Christian School, and please do not hesitate to contact the KHCS office if you have questions: 770-921-3224.


Overview of the Admissions Process for All Students

Step 1 begins by completing an online inquiry form. Once completed an admissions team member will contact you to discuss the application process and set up a campus visit (Step 3). Steps 4–10, as outlined below, include the completion of the online application and the submission of several documents needed to complete the application.

Either Meredith Buckland or Phyllis Williams of the KHCS admissions team will contact you to discuss your initial application and to schedule an on-campus visit. (Please contact Admissions at 770-921-3224 for more details.)

  • Step 2: Phone or drop-in visit with admissions advisor
  • Step 3: Campus tour
  • Step 4: Complete online application
  • Step 5: Application review by admissions advisor
  • Step 6: Schedule testing, submit testing fee, and complete testing
  • Step 7: Schedule and complete student interview with divisional principal
  • Step 8: Receive results of admissions application
  • Step 9: If accepted, complete the online enrollment forms and submit enrollment fee
  • Step 10: Select and set up tuition payment plan