The following testimonies were taken from a Parent Satisfaction Survey taken in November 2013. The survey reported a 99 percent parent satisfaction response to the question: “Rate your overall satisfaction with your child’s education at KHCS.”

Parent Testimonials

  • Testimonial 1
    “The care and concern for my children mentally, academically, spiritually, and even physically shown by teachers and faculty is off the charts. My kids feel loved by their teachers and know that they want what is best for them in life. Academics are great, but the teachers are teaching them life lessons as well. They have helped my children flourish in so many areas of their lives that I can't begin to describe.”
  • Testimonial 2
    “Academics initially brought us to KHCS. Academics in addition to the caring, Christian environment are what keep us here.”
  • Testimonial 3
    “Excellent preparation for college-level work. Christian values are pervasive throughout school programs, which is important to us (parents). Overall, an excellent learning environment.”
  • Testimonial 4
    “Teaching my children with compassion and love, treating them as unique individuals, showing respect for their strengths and weaknesses, while maintaining high academic standards and expectations. In addition, KHCS is constantly evolving and improving its academic programs to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.”
  • Testimonial 5
    “Parent/teacher involvement is great. Teachers are genuinely concerned regarding the level of education the children are receiving, and they show great interest. Administration is easily accessible.”