2017-18 Financial/Application Information

Tuition at Killian Hill Christian School is all inclusive—“no hidden fees.” Student tuition covers books, sports, clubs, field trips, pictures, and even yearbooks. Students receive credits per years of attendance that are applied toward their 6th grade trip and senior trip. Killian Hill Christian School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. Please contact the Business Office with any financial questions and the Admissions Office with any enrollment questions.

Enrollment Fees

Traditional Students I-20 Students
New Student Application Fee1 $100 $500
New Student Commitment Fee2 $400 $950
New Student On-Site Testing Fee1 $50 $100
New Student Online Testing Fee1 $150
Continuous Enrollment Commitment Fee1&2 $300 $300


Total 10 Monthly Payments

(July – April)

12 Monthly Payments

(May – April)

K4 (Half-day) $4,500 $450 $375
K4 (Full-day) $6,000 $600 $500
Kindergarten – K5 (Half-day) $6,000 $600 $500
Kindergarten – K5 (Full-day) $7,500 $750 $625
Grades 1–6 $10,185 $1,018.50 $848.75
Grades 7–12 $11,550 $1,155 $962.50
I-20 Students $15,550
I-20 Student Special Service Fee (ESL, 1st Year, Tutoring)3&4 $6,000
I-20 Student Special Service Fee (ESL, 2nd Year, Tutoring)3&4 $4,000
Learning Discoveries Program – Grades K–24 $4,140 $414 $345
Learning Discoveries Program – Grades 3–124 $8,280 $828 $690

Traditional Student Discounts6

New Family Discount5&6 10%
Multi-Child Discount (10% for 2nd student, 20% for each additional student) 10% / 20%
Alumni Discount 10%
1 Non-refundable
2 Returning Student Commitment Fee is capped at $500 per family
3. All I-20 students will be tested to determine the level of services needed. Services may not be necessary after benchmark standards have been met.
4. In addition to regular tuition
5. Families enrolled in K4 can receive this discount in K5 as well. Families that Opt Out will not receive this discount if they reenroll.
6. Discounts only apply to regular tuition.

Terms of Payment: Killian Hill Christian School makes use of facts Tuition Management Company to collect tuition and incidental fees by means of either automatic bank drafts or credit card payments. FACTS charges an additional convenience fee when using the credit card payment option. All families are required to maintain an active FACTS account for the entire school year. Payments can be no more than 30 days past due or a student may be prohibited from attending class. If any portion of tuition or fees is not current, then report cards will not be accessible nor will transfer records be released.

Tuition payments can be made in full or in monthly installments. Monthly installment plans can be set up in either 12 installments (May–April) or 10 installments (July–April) and made payable on the 5th or the 20th of each month.

Incidental fees are collected on the 15th of each month by means of the same payment method selected to pay a family’s tuition account (automatic bank drafts or credit card payments).

It is assumed that a family is enrolling for the entire year; therefore, budgets are set accordingly. If a student withdraws between July 1 and the end of the school year, a 30-day advanced written notice is required. The existing month’s tuition plus an additional $1,000 will be assessed as a withdrawal fee. Application, enrollment, and testing fees are non-refundable.