2015-2016 Financial/Application Information

Each family must submit a completed application and pay the application fee. All necessary forms must be signed and returned to the Admissions Office for each applying student. After being tested, results will be reported to the parents within a week. For new students entering grades 7–12, transcripts from previous schools as well as an interview with an administrator is required, and preferably, both parents will accompany the student to this interview. Official acceptance is based on admission test scores, transcript review, personal interview results and availability of enrollment space. Killian Hill Christian School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

New Student Application/Enrollment Traditional Student I-20 Student
Application Fee (nonrefundable)* $75 $500
Testing Fee (nonrefundable) for students 1-12 * $75 $75 (at KHCS)
International Student Online Testing Fee * $100
Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) – Jan.–Feb. ** $250 $950
Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) – March–May ** $350 $950
Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) – After May ** $400 $950
*Due at time of application
**Due at acceptance

Returning Student Enrollment

Enrollment fee for current K–12 students

January Feb.-March April-May After May
$100 $200 $300 $350
*Must be submitted with the application

Enrollment fee for current I-20 7–12 students

January Feb.-March After March
$250 $350 $500
*Must be submitted with the application

Complete the enrollment application for each student, pay the application fee, and return all the required signed forms.

Tuition Includes:

Books, field trips, allowance towards senior trip and sixth-grade Florida trip, athletic fees, school pictures, yearbook and fine arts fees.

2015–2016 Tuition Fees Total Tuition 10-Month Payment 12-Month Payment
5 yr. kindergarten (M–F; half day) $6,125 $612.50 $510.42
5 yr. kindergarten (M–F; full day) $7,550 $755.00 $629.17
Grades 1–6 $9,375 $937.50 $781.25
Grades 7–12 $10,225 $1,022.50 $852.08
Learning Discoveries Program (in addition to regular tuition)
Grades K-2
$3,925 $392.50 $327.08
Learning Discoveries Program (in addition to regular tuition)
Grades 3-12
$7,850 $785.00 $654.17

Payment Plans

Killian Hill Christian School contracts with FACTS Tuition Management Company to collect tuition payments for our school families. Monthly payments are set up on either 10 or 12 installments and made payable on the 5th or 20th of each month. These payments will continue until the balance is paid in full.

Extended Study Fees:

3:30–4:00 $7.00
4:00–4:30 $9.00
4:30–5:00 $12.00
5:00–5:15 $5.00 (for each 5 minutes)
5:15–until child is picked up $2.00 (for each minute)
Example: if a student stayed until 4:50, the cost would be $28.00 per student.

Terms of Payment Due to limited student space and the necessary reservation of such space for the year, once a student is accepted by KHCS, the entire tuition amount for the year is owed. For your convenience, a 10-month payment schedule and a 12-month payment schedule are being made available in lieu of a full payment. If payments become more than 30 days past due, a student may be prohibited from attending class. If any portion of tuition (or supplemental fees) is not current, then report cards will not be issued nor will transfer records be released. Application, enrollment and testing fees are nonrefundable. KHCS will charge a $30.00 maintenance fee each time a tuition payment is removed from FACTS and billed directly by the school for collection, unless a family is paying the remaining balance in full prior to the end of the school year. All payments returned for “insufficient funds” are subject to a $30.00 fee.

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