Elementary School

Elementary School

(Grades 1 – 6)

Come on in, but don’t leave your senses behind—your sense of humor, your sense of wonder, your sense of curiosity. You’re going to need it in our classrooms. Utilizing captivating (and fun!) literature in the Elementary School fosters a love of reading that students will carry with them for a lifetime. Novel studies provide a springboard for higher–level thinking. Discovery, investigation, experimentation, and exploration through math, science, and social studies open up worlds of opportunity for real–life application and imaginative creativity. Something new and exciting is happening every day in the educational journey of our Elementary School students.

After all, learning in the Elementary School is all about broadening perspectives and developing minds. It’s about studying specific skills while also mastering foundational strategies. And, above all, it’s about developing a love of learning . . . for life!

Our Program

At Killian Hill Christian School, each student experiences standards-based instruction in Bible, math, language arts (reading, grammar, writing, spelling), science, and social studies. Critical thinking, discovery and investigation, and collaboration are essential 21st-century competencies integrated through-out our curriculum. Additionally, students participate in weekly chapels and daily Bible instruction. Every subject is taught through the lens of Biblical truth.

Technology is integrated across the curriculum through the use of LCD projectors, iPads for both students and teachers, and computer instruction during the STEAM specials class. Furthermore, KHCS teachers conduct help classes for elementary school students.

Students also participate in different specials classes including the following:

  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Library

Additional, focused opportunities for art and drama are scheduled through-out the year.

Extracurricular Activities

Arts and Athletics:

In addition to daily recess and weekly physical education for all elementary students, sixth graders may also participate in middle school sports.All elementary school students participate in general music classes where the curriculum emphasizes music theory, introduction to musical instruments, and development of singing.

After school clubs:

Staffed by faculty members and parent/grandparent volunteers, various opportunities to enrich the body, mind, and spirit are available after school in the fall and spring to all elementary school students. Recent club offerings have included Art, Book Buddies, Chess, Coding, Flag Football, Gardening, Kilometer Kids, Musical Theater, and Trivia.

LEarning Services

Media Services

The library serves the elementary school with print material and technology to support our strong emphasis on the critical skills involved in reading and research. Media specialist works with classroom faculty to provide instructional enrichment.

Learning Discoveries:

The Learning Discoveries program offers student support for non-traditional learners. There is an additional fee for this support program.

Our Teachers

Each KHCS teacher is degreed and certified through ACSI. Our teachers are passionate about the personal and educational growth of our students and regularly provide support both during school and through our help classes. Each teacher is dedicated to the Christian faith and committed to integrating Biblical Truth into all aspects of school life. We have specifically designed small teacher to student ratios to provide maximum interaction for each student at all levels.



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