Anti-Bullying Student Essays

Anti-Bullying Student Essays

Winning student essays from kindness month

Dr Doug AbelsAmara S.

Seems Harsh

How do you talk about a subject that shouldn’t even exist?

If we are all made in His image,

Then why is this, This?

Why is a thing that people take their lives,

For mostly nothing short of lies,

Still in the presence of our eyes?

In our ears, we hear the hurt, but let it disappear,

But it stays.

Like that pesky little fly that just doesn’t seem to go away.

Do you really think your better?

Because I think you’re worse.

How dare you talk and whisper someone’s child into a hearse? That might seem harsh, but that’s what’s happening.

We are causing hurt.

“Oh, I was just playing, don’t take it seriously”.

But what we fail to realize that words sting and they are hurting. Just brush it off like its nothing, but I believe that we reap what we sow, and what we have sown is coming.

Nobody is perfect,

And sometimes it seems that that’s the knowledge we tend to lack.

Yet we still attack.

And judge and ridicule.

But this isn’t new to you,

You’ve heard it all before.

So when are we going to change?

When are we going to say that’s enough?

When are we going to do what God told us to do?

To show each other love.

Chris Y.

I heard the arguing coming from the hallway, and I saw a little boy on the ground.

A big guy, appearing not friendly at all, stood near him, laughing.

The little boy seemed so helpless, even though there were people surrounding him.

But no one stepped out.

He stood up by himself, staring at that big guy.

His eyes, with tears, but still he acted like a strong kid.

But it didn’t help him.

The big guy said all the harsh words that he could say to that little boy.

Used every single way to embarrass him.

The little boy gave his best try to fight against him, but it wasn’t enough.

He got pushed to the ground again-hard.!

He stood back up immediately with his fist, but never punched back. He just kept staring at the big guy, tightly.

The big guy was laughing even harder after he pushed the little boy to the ground again, shamelessly.

The little boy slowly stood up again.

His eyes filled with tears this time, but he kept from crying.

He stood there, silently and lonely.

He was like a boat on a billow fighting for the way out .

I read the terror that should not appear for his age, while he was standing there.

I was hoping someone would come to help him.

Finally, my teacher broke into the crowd and snubbed the big guy.

The little boy ran away as soon as my teacher looked for him.

The tears went down from his eyes, but I didn’t hear his cries.

He wasn’t acting strong; instead, the hopelessness drowned his heart.

I heard the big guy got removed from the school afterward,

But I never saw that little boy in the school either.

I can’t imagine how much it hurt him, and I can’t understand his pain as well.

I condemn that big guy for his detestable action.

I still feel sad every time I recall that day.

It is more of a shame,

And it will never fade away from my heart.

Nicholas C.

This is a walk down memory lane, down the lanes long buried and burned. Memories that should be left untouched. Yet, here I am. Going down memory lane. The memories of coming home crying and not wanting to tell my parents why. Memory of therapy sessions to help my self-confidence with the school guidance counselor. Memories of being taunted in school. The dread that is coming back to me as I am remembering what happened that year. Remembering the years it took me to get over what happened. The scars it has left. The scar that no one can see. The scars buried under a façade of happiness. People say happiness is a choice. Yet at the time it was something to convince others I was ok.

All through elementary school I was taught how to not be a bully and how to stick up for other people that were being bullied. These thought and ideas never came into fruition till my Fifth-grade year. His name was Noah, mine was Nick. Yet, despite being so close in name we were the antithesis of each other. I remember the way he did it. At the time I had a bad stuttering issue that still plagues me to this day, but this was his way in. He would ridicule me because I couldn’t get the words out. He would do it in class, much to the teacher’s displeasure. It was most common on the playground. He would taunt me as the teacher was helping another child, never physically, but verbally. He would tear me down. Day after day. He destroyed my sense of self-confidence and self-worth. The effects of what he did echoes through the years to follow.

People say time heals all wounds, but it is the people around you that do the majority of that work. I remember when I started attending KHCS and I was sitting by myself at lunch. It was my first or second day and Candice came up to me and sat down. She most likely doesn’t know, but, that was the moment I started to recover from the effects of two years prior. It was her simple act of kindness that set me on the path of recovery. And since my self-confidence and Nicholas Campbell

self-worth was destroyed, I was on a path not well travel. With the help of Jonathan, Dakota, Justin and Katlin I wasn’t alone in my travels. I had my classmates supporting me through the entire process. They are the people that helped me become who I am today. And to them I have tremendous gratitude that can’t be described in words.

Bullying is a serious problem that plagued me and still plagues students around the world. Not everyone has a class that supports them, no matter how idiotic you look and sound. It is up to us, the classmates, the friends, the friend of a friend, the stranger. It is our duty to look at people and call them out for what they are doing before it gets too late and the scars are far to deep to be healed. People say time heals all wounds, but it is the people around you that do the majority of that work.