Student-Led Clubs
Aspiring Healthcare Professionals of KHCS

The Aspiring Healthcare Professionals of KHCS began their first semester as a club in a number of profitable ways. They were presented with information regarding what colleges look for in a college applicant, possible majors and concentrations they could go into as students interested in the medical field, potential colleges they may one day apply to, and common careers in the healthcare field including the path it takes to get there. Michelle Vy, a fourth year medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University, came in as a guest speaker and spoke to the club members about her medical school experience.

They have given back to their community by garnering canned foods for the Lilburn Co-Op Food Drive and connecting with the elderly by volunteering at Laurel Grove Retirement Home. In February the AHPs will partner with the American Red Cross to host KHCS’s first ever Blood Drive. The goal for the remainder of the year is to continue to expose the members to more careers in the medical field (more guest speakers and medical discussions), train leaders who are active in their community (more volunteering), provide them with information to help them plan their future (more informational sessions), and learn new and beneficial life skills (CPR or first aid classes).

Anime Club

Our anime club was created in August 2017. In the first semester our members have been separated into seven groups, and each voices over a video clip in English, Chinese, or even Japanese from a selected anime. We not only learn a new skill in the process but also harvest camaraderie and valuable friendships. This semester we will focus more on character-analyzing and culture-discovering. We are looking forward to guest speakers and new members joining.

Current Events Club

In Current Events Club we have encouraged students to discuss major political and social events from across the world. Students have the opportunity to introduce their own topics and build an argument for its importance. We hope to learn to develop skills to communicate well and gain an understanding of modern issues. By the end of this year, we will choose an organization or cause we would like to promote and effectively draw positive attention to it.


During our second quarter we were able to meet with FBLA regional officer Sydey Nghiem and register as an official FBLA chapter. Since registering as a chapter, the members of our club have been able to explore different opportunities pertaining to business and the FBLA. Looking ahead in the third quarter, we hope to continue to expand our knowledge of the business world.

Coding Club

Having a huge turnout of fifteen students helped this club tremendously, as we were able to divide them into groups and let them pursue their own coding projects. Some groups tried their hand at learning programming languages through Codeacademy and Khanacademy, while others tried video game design in Alice 3 and GameMaker Studio.

For 2nd semester we hope to implement engineering projects as well. Members will showcase and explain their projects at the meetings. A former Cisco engineer will be visiting us next year to tell us about his job and answer any questions we have, and there will be a coding competition next semester with monthly prizes for whoever works the hardest. In general, our primary goal is to develop experience and knowledge in engineering and coding disciplines and use these skills for the betterment of our future.

Art Club

One of the art club’s goals was to learn more about other artists. Last semester, we achieved this by putting the members into groups and giving them a list of artists to choose from.   Our goals for 2nd semester are to do more hands-on activities and give members a chance to critique. We plan on doing this by focusing on a certain type of art each month, and the members will bring in their artwork and share information on how and why they made it. The other members will then be allowed to respectfully give their opinion about the individual’s piece.