Student-Led Clubs


Killian Hill Christian School maintains a chapter of the National Honor Society® for its senior high students and the National Junior Honor Society® for junior high students. Each of the honor societies has minimum induction requirements. Academic standards for the National Junior Honor Society (grades 7-9) require that students maintain a 90% semester average with no semester grade below an 80%. In order to be inducted into the National Honor Society (grades 10-12), students are required to have a 3.50 semester GPA with no semester grade below an 80%, including any AP courses. Additionally, a senior qualifying for initial induction into the SH Honor Society following the fall semester is also required to have a 3.25 or better cumulative GPA to qualify. Semester grade evaluations are based only on grades earned in grades 7-12 at Killian Hill Christian School. In addition to academic standards, character evaluations will be made in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, honesty, cooperation, responsibility, humility, submissiveness, and consideration. Teachers evaluate students, and nominations for induction are made to the administrative panel, which reviews evaluations and makes final judgment on induction or retention in the Honor Society. Evaluation and inductions are held in January and August based on the grades and performance in the preceding semester. Students must complete a minimum number of service hours each semester to remain eligible.






aspiring healthcare professionals CLUB

Throughout the fourth year of its existence, Medical Club has been led by Tashina Verghese (12th) and Akaylah Pryce (11th). The purpose of Medical Club is to offer its members exposure to the plethora of opportunities within the healthcare field. This objective is achieved through the club’s facilitation of critical thinking and discussion concerning prevalent topics in healthcare. Members of Medical Club also have the opportunity to meet healthcare workers and to promote a healthy environment at KHCS through health campaigns. Additionally, Medical Club is excited to partner with Amercian Red Cross and host a Blood Drive at KHCS in Spring 2021.

do something CLUB

The Do Something club is a student lead club whose goal in to impact our school, students, and teachers. We do this by simple acts of kindness to improve school moral and simple chores to help improve the school. Do Something club wishes to have students to take time out of their day to invest in others.


Multicultural club is a group of students who learn about various ethnic cultures by interacting with experts and doing hands-on activities. Our goal is to spread the goodness of our cultural passion throughout the school and within our own communities.