2018 Fine Arts State Competition

On Thursday and Friday, March 9th & 10th, approximately 130 junior and senior high students and seven sponsors attended the Georgia Association of Christian School Fine Arts Competition in McDonough, GA.  Competition categories included events in the following categories:  choral music, both large and small ensembles and choir, vocal solos; instrumental small and large group ensembles and solos; speech and drama groups and solos, art; and academic testing.  Killian Hill students had an outstanding showing in all areas of the fine arts directed by Mr. David Eilert, Mrs. Terry Fulbright, Mr. Greg Habegger, and Mrs. Marcia Rygh.

Results for the junior high included: twenty-three first placements, eleven second placements, and eight third placements.  Results for the high school included: twenty-two first placements, twenty-five second placements, fourteen third placements.

On April 10th-12th forty high schoolers will be competing online and at Bob Jones University for national titles in twenty-two different categories.  We are pleased that these students shared their God-given talents, and we give Him the glory for what He has done here on the Hill.

Physical Science Project: 1st & 2nd
Bio Science Project: 1st
NT Survey: 3rd
OT Survey: 3rd
Spelling Bee: 2nd
English: 1st & 3rd
Math 7: 1st
Math 8: 1st & 3rd
History/Geo: 3rd
Science: 3rd
Essay: 1st & 2nd
Poetry Writing: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
Calligraphy: 3rd
Garments: 1st
Landscape Photo: 2nd
Declamation: 1st & 2nd
Humorous Inter: 1st
Choric Speaking: 1st
Dramatic Interpretation: 1st
Poetry Interpretation: 1st & 3rd
Religious: 1st & 2nd
Scripture: 1st
Readers Theatre: 1st
Group Acting: 1st & 2nd
Female Vocal Solo: 1st & 2nd
Male Vocal Solo: 2nd
Small Vocal Ensemble: 2nd
Choral Group AA: 1st
Large Vocal Ensemble: 2nd
Classical Piano Solo: 1st & 2nd
Classical Piano Duet: 1st
Sacred Piano Duet: 1st
Sacred Piano Solo:  1st & 2nd
Large Instrument Ensemble: 1st
Small Instrument Ensemble: 1st
String Solo: 2nd


Physical Science Project: 1st & 2nd
Spelling Bee: 2nd
English: 2nd
Biology: 1st
Bible Teaching: 3rd
Topical Preaching: 3rd
Physics: 1st & 2nd
Chemistry: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
Algebra 2/Geometry: 1st, & 3rd, & 3rd
Advanced Math: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
Spanish: 1st
Political Science: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
World History: 3rd
US History/Geography: 1st
Essay Writing: 2nd
Poetry Writing: 3rd
Water Color Drawing: 2nd
Mixed Media: 1st
Polychromatic Drawing: 2nd
Calligraphy: 2nd
Macro Photography: 1st & 3rd
Sacred Piano Solo: 2nd & 3rd
Classical Piano Solo: 2nd & 3rd
Sacred Piano Duet: 2nd & 3rd
Classical Piano Duet: 1st
Female Vocal Solo: 1st & 2nd
String Solo: 2nd
Large Vocal Ensemble: 1st
Woodwind Solo: 2nd
Choral Group AA: 1st
Small Vocal Ensemble: 1st
Original Persuasive: 2nd
Group Acting: 1st
Humorous Interpretation: 2nd
Religious Interp: 2nd
Interpretation of Poetry: 1st & 2nd
Scripture: 2nd
Choric Speaking: 1st
Declamation: 2nd & 3rd
Debate: 1st & 2nd
Extemporaneous: 2nd & 3rd
Dramatic Interp: 2nd & 3rd
Readers Theatre: 2nd