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KHCS has a strong tradition of education in the STEM fields, especially science and mathematics. The school is continually working to grow in all areas, including the options we provide to students in STEM areas. KHCS is preparing students for all walks of life. Today’s college and job market demand an increasingly tech-savvy background, and KHCS student experiences strive to provide that. The foundation is built by education in the use of technology in a computer lab in grades 1-7, complemented by in-class technology in the hands of students during subject instruction when it fits the educational goals of the class. After a student completes Elementary School, he or she has a growing list of technology education options, including new technology courses at the Middle School level, followed by an optional three-year programming track in the High School. These options are additions to Killian Hill’s STEM electives for Middle School and High School, and traditional instruction in computer applications in Middle School.

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KHCS graduates go on to study STEM majors in college at rates higher than national averages. When Cougar grads pursue these fields in college they find themselves successful. Graduates in the last ten years include students who are already working as professionals in many engineering fields including Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Structural Engineering, as well as other STEM fields like Chemistry, Computer Science, Nursing, and Medicine. Recent graduates are continuing their education in STEM fields having earned or working to earn degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, or many engineering fields. Other graduates have earned degrees in technical fields like an engineering discipline or Mathematics, and then used that background for work in education, business, or other fields.