Computer Department

Educating with purpose

Killian Hill is about Fully Equipping Our Students.

Students in grades 1-6 have access to i-Pads and grades 3-6 have Chromebooks available to use in their classrooms to support learning in their academic classes. Students also learn effective research methods that they will use to produce projects on various applications including PowerPoint presentations/Google Slides, Excel spreadsheets/Google Sheets, and Microsoft Word/Google Docs, as well as Google Forms. The research projects that students are producing will integrate with other subject areas that students are learning in the regular classroom including topics covered in science, math, reading, and history. Students will also explore and discover other Google applications such as Google Earth which will integrate with their history curriculum. Students will have access to other online programs such as ABCya, Starfall, Sheppard Software, and other programs that will help support and reinforce content areas learned in subjects such as science, math, reading, language arts, and history.

Students in grades 7-12 bring their own device to school which could include a tablet or a laptop. Devices are used for class research, taking notes, online lessons, homework, and collaboration through Edmodo with classmates and teachers as well as for Ebooks used in many classes. Students in grades 7-12 also have the opportunity to take digital technology and computer applications classes as well as many online computer classes offered.

The biblical worldview is integrated into computer classes through videos on the internet safety and continual discussions of the importance of honoring the Lord while using technology for personal or classroom purposes. Additionally, students use tools such as Bible Gateway to look up verses for various tasks and explore websites such as Answers in Genesis Kids to integrate biblical research into their class assignments.