Financial Aids


Killian Hill Christian School provides tuition discount opportunities for our New and Existing school families.  Available discounts include the following:

Multi-Child Discount – $1,000 off a family’s second child, and 1,500 off each additional family’s child(ren).  This discount is available to both New and Existing families to KHCS.

Alumni Discount – $1,000 off the entire tuition balance for any Alumnus of KHCS.

Military Discount – $1,000 off the entire tuition balance for active United States military and veterans.

Full Payment Discount – If full payment is made by August 15th a $500 discount will be applied to the 1st student and $250 for each additional sibling).

Arete Scholarship – Arete Scholars is helping to break the barriers to academic and personal achievement by expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities. Killian Hill Christian School accepts Arete Scholarships. Click here for more information. 


Financial Aid applicants must first apply and be accepted to Killian Hill Christian School before being considered for financial aid.

Killian Hill Christian School utilizes the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to evaluate financial aid applications for financial need.  A completed copy of an applicant’s past year’s tax return must be submitted to FACTS when applying for financial aid.  Financial aid funds are limited.

How does the process work?

Financial aid applications are made online through FACTS, which reviews and “verifies” the financial and tax data provided by each applicant and makes recommendations to Killian Hill about a family’s financial need.  Killian Hill’s Financial Aid Committee considers FACTS’ recommendations as they are received.

When can I apply for financial aid?

The financial aid application process opens on January 1st of each year.  New families can apply for financial aid once they have been accepted to Killian Hill Christian School. Returning KHCS families may begin the financial aid application process at that time. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

Applications can be submitted through the FACTS Grant & Aid website by clicking the Financial Aid Application button below.  Applicants will log in using their existing FACTS username and password.  A processing fee is assessed by FACTS once an application is submitted.  FACTS can answer any questions about the financial aid evaluation process or any requested tax documents by contacting their Parent Hotline at (866) 441-4637.

When will financial aid applications be processed?

Once a financial aid application is complete and “verified” by FACTS, applications will be processed by Killian Hill’s Financial Aid Committee.  Because financial aid funds are limited, applications will only be considered if there are any financial aid funds remaining.

How will I receive financial aid notifications and will I need to respond?

Financial aid notifications will be emailed by FACTS within two weeks after the Financial Aid Committee meeting. The financial aid must be accepted by applicants on the FACTS website within 10 calendar days from the date on the financial aid award email.  If an applicant has not responded within that timeframe, financial aid funds will be forfeited to other applicants.

How much will my financial aid be?

Killian Hill is a private school and does not receive any government funding.  Financial aid is available to applicants with a demonstrated financial need.  Because each applicant’s financial situation is different, we are unable to provide an estimate of any financial aid amounts.  Not all applicants who apply will receive financial aid. Financial aid funds are limited.

IMPORTANT:  An application is not complete until you have provided all tax documents requested by FACTS and they have flagged your application as “verified” on their website.  Also, depending on the time of year, and the complexity of a tax return, it may take two to three weeks for FACTS to verify an application, so do not wait to submit any necessary information to FACTS.

Killian Hill Christian School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.