Varsity Girls Soccer Team Won State Championship

Varsity Girls Soccer Team Won State Championship

On May 5, 2023, the Killian Hill Christian School varsity girls soccer team won the Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools (GAPPS) state championship! The game was played against Trinity Christian Academy and the Lady Cougars emerged victorious with a final score of 1-0.

The entire team and the coach, Mr. Antonio Manjarres, were overjoyed with their accomplishment. They had worked hard all season, practicing and training to improve their skills and teamwork. Their hard work paid off in the championship game, as they put on a show of skill, determination, and heart that impressed everyone who saw them play.

The Lady Cougars showed a tremendous amount of grit and determination throughout the season, and it was on full display in the championship game. They battled hard on both sides of the ball, playing tough defense and attacking with precision and speed. They never gave up, even when the going got tough, and that is a testament to their character and dedication.

The team’s victory was especially sweet for the seniors, who had worked hard for years to reach this pinnacle of success. They can now look back on their time at Killian Hill Christian School with pride, knowing that they helped bring home a state championship for their school and community.

The entire school is proud of the Lady Cougars and their amazing accomplishment. They have set a high bar for future teams to follow, and they have shown what can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and teamwork. Congratulations to the Lady Cougar on their state championship win!

Go Cougars!