Learning Discoveries OG


(Grades 1st – 12th)

Program for minor Learning Disabilities

KHCS offers current students, who have mild learning disabilities, the therapy needed to strengthen  weaknesses by solving the root of the problem rather than traditional tutorial methods. Students must  be able to function within the regular classroom environment.  The Learning Discoveries Program (LD) is individual therapy that addresses dyslexia, auditory discrimination, and visual perception. These are all crucial areas for a child to be successful and meet his/her true potential.

KHCS has a certified dyslexia specialist who can screen for dyslexia, however, many times full psychological testing may be needed from a license psychologist outside of  KHCS to determine the needs of the child and the type of therapy that would best meet those needs.


Barton Reading and Spelling

The Barton System is a one-on-one therapy system that greatly improves reading, spelling, and writing skills of children who struggle due to dyslexia or a Specific Learning Disability.  It is an Orton-Gillingham based program which is approved for remediating dyslexia.  The Barton System stimulates the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways in the brain, allowing new pathways to form and strengthening language-based weaknesses.


Educational Therapy

KHCS offers a program to help students become independent classroom learners by solving the root problems rather than using tutorial methods.  This program is based on the National Institute of Learning Development as well as the Linda-Mood Bell philosophies in working with LD students based upon stimulating areas that are deficient in perceiving and processing information.  Rather than just learning compensatory techniques, students receive individual educational therapy a few times a week.



The LD Coordinator will administer the CTOPP 2 to determine whether or not Barton Reading and Spelling is recommended.  There will be a  $30 charge for the assessment.  Private diagnosis of dyslexia by a licensed psychologist is acceptable.  If the parent would like further screening for dyslexia, arrangements would be made with the LD Coordinator.



To enroll in in Learning Discoveries, first the child must be a student at KHCS.  The teacher and parents work together with the LD Coordinator to determine the difficulties the student has within the classroom.  Outside testing may be advised.  Once it is determined that Learning Discoveries can meet that child’s needs, the LD Coordinator will work with both teachers and parent to enroll the student in the program.

If your child is not already a student at KHCS, you need to complete an application to the school and go through the admissions process.  Upon acceptance to the school, the administrator will refer you to the program coordinator.  If your child already has an IEP or Accommodation Plan, please submit a copy with your application.



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