Math Department

Math Department Overview

Our school seeks to help students to “live disciplined, Christ-centered lives” in a “high-quality spiritual and academic program.” The math department, like all of our departments, works from the presupposition that all truth is God’s truth (John 14:6). We do not create truth but instead discover and apply God’s truths in His creation; our mathematics courses seek to organize the absolutes of mathematics and prepare the students to use them in everyday life. We desire for students to gain an appreciation of the structure and design of the universe through mathematical principles.

Our school utilizes both Christian and secular textbooks. Whether we teach with a Christian textbook or a secular textbook, we believe that it is our responsibility to teach our students mathematical concepts with Christian perspectives. This is accomplished when teachers openly acknowledge that God is creator of all truth; any great design points to a great Designer. Our math teachers consistently show the students that math, perhaps more than any other subject, reveals the nature of God to us, for God is a structured God.

We seek to help students develop good reasoning skills so that they discern between true and false statements (Col. 2:8). We teach nothing that contradicts the absolute truths of God’s Word, which stands as a fixed, unchanging reference point. Because all truth is God’s truth, we have the responsibility to represent His truth accurately in a world of eclectic and relativistic views (John 17:17). Christian teachers can accomplish this purpose best when they 1) present themselves to their students as usable vessels for God’s work (Rom. 12:1-2) and 2) talk of God’s living, working truths to their students consistently. We do not shallowly integrate Biblical texts into a math lesson; rather, we desire to live a life that shows to our students that God’s Word is working in us and is influencing all our thoughts and beliefs.