Pride and Prejudice

Friday, November 2nd (7:00 PM)
Saturday, November 3rd (2:00 PM)

Pride and Prejudice, the second of four Jane Austen novels, is being brought to the Killian Hill stage this November! In this unforgettable tale of love and laughter, the outspoken Elizabeth Bennet (played by junior Lauren Ackleh) faces mounting pressure from her status-conscious mother (sophomore Eleana McDaniel) to secure a suitable marriage. But is marriage suitable for a woman of Elizabeth’s intelligence and independence? Especially when the irritating, aloof, self-involved…tall, handsome, mildly amusing, and impossibly aristocratic Mr. Darcy (played by senior Jacob Moore) keeps popping up at every turn? Literature’s greatest tale of latent love has never felt so theatrical, or so full of life than it does in this 2011 adaptation by Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan. Other main characters include Elizabeth’s beautiful and guileless sister Jane (senior Bella Schade), the genial Mr. Charles Bingley (senior Alex Hunt), the cynical and withdrawn patriarch of the Bennet family, Mr. Bennet (senior Caleb Maddox), the fortune seeking militia officer, George Wickham (sophomore West Durden), the two gossipy, immature Bennet sisters, Lydia and Kitty (played by Bekah Harrison and Becca Aldridge), the bookish Mary Bennet (Adarys Encarnacion), the rich, snobbish noblewoman Lady Catherine deBourgh (senior Jacqueline Lamothe), the pompous and idiotic clergyman Mr. Collins (junior Will Johns), and the arrogant Caroline Bingley (senior Aimee Tewes). Plan to join us on Friday, November 2nd (7:00 PM) and Saturday, November 3rd (2:00 PM) to relive this early 19th century classic directed by Mrs. Terry Fulbright. Concessions will be available before the production and during intermission.



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