Biblical Encouragement – Pastor Kwame

Biblical Encouragement – Pastor Kwame

Parents and Guardians,

As a family and team here at Killian Hill Christian School, I believe God has put us in a special place and time. With a calling to partner with you and serve our precious students, we’ve been given multiple opportunities to speak life to them.

Occasionally, some may wonder, “How can I initiate intentional discussions with my child about Jesus?” The process isn’t always smooth, but I wanted to share some practical tips concerning the initiation of intentional discussions and purposeful interactions. I’ve shared this with our staff and I would like to share it with you:

  1. Seek the Lord:

Start each day (and throughout your day) by seeking the King for guidance and strength. He loves to give wisdom to His children (James 1:5). Ask Him to prepare your heart and the hearts of your students. Ask for wisdom to recognize opportunities to speak truth in order to begin that intentional discussion.

  1. Be Prepared to Listen:

After you initiate, your student may have a lot to say. In some cases, your student will not know how to respond. In either case, listen to understand and not solely reply. Read between the lines and ask God for discernment. Take mental notes for future conversations and follow-ups. Be present. 

  1. Ask Meaningful Questions and Enjoy the Opportunity:

As you’re practicing active listening, be prepared to ask thoughtful/meaningful questions. This can be based on what you already know about your student, a story from your lesson plan, and/or a sermon from chapel service.

Note: Show that you’re enjoying the conversation. Some students will withdraw if they sense they are being interviewed instead of having an organic conversation. Let them see that you are enjoying their company.  

  1. God’s Glory and Academics:

Continue to find ways to communicate the truths about our living God within the flow and execution of your lesson plan. Encourage and ask students how the subject matters relate to the purposes of God. Ask them to find ways to exercise gratitude in what they’re learning. Take mental notes on what’s being said and who’s willing to share.

  1. Show Yourself Grace:

It’s sobering to think about, but every encounter with your student(s) will not look like an instant win. Remember, it’s God who will do the ultimate/life-changing work. If we’re honest with ourselves, that’s the work that really matters. Rejoice in that and realize it’s a privilege to speak truth to others. Yes, consider it a true joy to be light and salt, and with that, continue to serve your students well.

When we fall short in our attempts, let us look to Jesus and continue to learn from Him. He is with us through it all. May the King continue to bless our efforts and our partnership as we set out to train scholars, make disciples, and graduate leaders.

Pastor Kwame