Chris McIntyre

Finance & Operations

Chris McIntyre - Finance & Operations

Chris McIntyre earned his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from The Master’s University and his MBA from Emory University. Mr. McIntyre oversees the finances and facilities of our campus and is always looking for ways to improve these aspects of KHCS. He and his wife, Leigh, have three young daughters, Jane, Cate, and Clare. In his free time, he enjoys biking and is a two-time finisher of the Half Ironman!


Matt Lewis

Guidance Counselor

Matt Lewis - Guidance Counselor

Matt Lewis was born in Missouri. His holds a bachelor’s degree in math education and a Master of Science degree in secondary education. He has been teaching for fourteen years. Mr. Lewis is currently the head of the math department, the guidance counselor, and one of our math teachers. Not only is he passionate about teaching math and preparing students for math competitions, he also enjoys playing his guitar in chapel. He and his wife, Megan, have three little ones. Eden, Cade, and Arabelle. During his free time he enjoys reading, yard work and math.

Doug Dawson

Secondary School Principal

Doug Dawson - Secondary School Principal

Doug Dawson grew up in eastern North Carolina. He holds a master’s degree in educational leadership. He has been teaching for thirty-five years, twenty-six of which have been at KHCS. Mr. Dawson’s office (and his chocolate jar!) is always open to those who come to campus. He and his wife, Janeen, have three children: Jared, Jonna, and Jake. During this free time, he enjoys mountain biking and kayaking with his family.

Nick Brown

Elementary Principal

Nick Brown - Elementary Principal

Nick Brown is passionate about holistic education. Throughout his childhood as a missionary kid in South Africa, Mr. Brown experienced many different styles of schooling, and the perspective he gained through that exposure taught him the importance of experiential and pedagogical education. His speech education undergraduate degree opened the door for him to lead the speech and drama department for four years at the same school as Dr. Abels on the island of Guam. During that time, he taught English, speech, research & writing, and psychology as well as completed his master’s degree in secondary education. Mr Brown is enthusiastic about engaging teaching, life-touching-life mentoring, and personal productivity. He and his wife, Julia, have three children, Jace, Nora, and Ethan. He enjoys creative writing, reading, and working on his newly started PhD.

Jenée Baker

Advancement Director

Jenée Baker - Advancement Director

Jenée Baker was born in New Rochelle, New York. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and also a degree in scientific visualization computer graphics. Mrs. Baker has been at KHCS for over twelve years as a parent and three years as an employee. She and her husband, Berkley, have three children, Josiah, Amanda, and Amarie. During her free time, she enjoys watching her children play soccer and piano.


John Allan

Science Teacher/Academic Dean

John Allan - Science Teacher/Academic Dean

John Alan was born in Ocala, Florida. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. He is the Academic Dean, Science Department Head, one of our science teachers, National Honor Society sponsor, and quiz bowl coach. Mr. Allan has a desire for his students to love science, and many students who graduate from KHCS say they were thoroughly prepared for their college science classes. He and his wife, Kim, have four children, Jake, Abigail, Anna, and Amelia. He enjoys reading and cycling.

Doug Abels

Head of School

Doug Abels - Head of School

Doug Abels loves Christian education and he has a strong desire to impact young lives for eternity and for God’s glory.  For twenty years, he ministered in a vibrant Christian school on the island of Guam, learning to love and serve a very diverse group of people and cultures.  Beginning as a math and science teacher, he transitioned into school administration for the majority of his twenty years there, all while earning a master’s degree in secondary education and then a doctorate in educational leadership.  Dr. Abels is passionate about academic excellence, purposeful discipleship, and continual improvement. He and his wife, Karen, have four children, Jesse, Seth, Jake, and Emma. He enjoys basketball, motorcycles, ethnic cuisines, the mountains, woodworking, and reading.